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Topics To Consider When You Set Up A Team-Building Activity

Strengthening your workforce through a team-building day or even just a Friday afternoon activity can generate a number of positive changes for your company. So many companies rely on team building that you can easily find a long list of options to implement with a few minutes of online searching. When you're planning a team-building activity, you want it to be both fun and actually strengthen your team. There are certain activities that some companies organize in the name of team building, however, that are primarily fun and may not actually strengthen your team. While fun has value, you should always consider these topics before you decide on a team-building activity.


The last thing that you want is to set up an activity under the premise of building your team but that actually has people largely competing individually. If you aren't careful, this can be easier than you might expect. As you consider different team-building activities, you should always assess the degree of collaboration that is present in each one. Collaboration should be a cornerstone to any team-building exercise, so think about the amount of time that your employees will be closely working together to achieve a desired result — ideally, it will be for virtually all of the activity.

Use Of Different Skills

The best team-building exercises incorporate the use of different skills. This not only allows employees with strengths in different areas to be included and excel, but also gives you the opportunity to notice where some employees' strengths lie. For example, a tug-of-war game only involves physical strength, rather than intelligence. A puzzle, by way of contrast, only has the latter and not the former. As you consider different activities, look for those that will require your employees to use different skills.


Many team-building activities involve some degree of competition. For example, you might break your group into two groups or a series of smaller groups and have them compete against one another. Be wary of any ideas that might seem exciting but that could also foster an unhealthy degree of competition. Playful competition can strengthen your workforce, but issues such as trash talking and perhaps even devious tactics in order to win can lead to unfavorable results. By carefully considering each of these topics before you decide what your team-building activity will be, you'll be able to select one or more exercises that your staff will enjoy and that will tighten the bond between employees.